The estates

Welcome to Casadei Family, where ethics and aesthetics of daily work meet and give life to the BioIntegrale philosophy.

All of our Estates’ products are born from an eco-sustainable approach: for the real preservation of the future we consider it essential both to return agriculture to nature, protecting the biodiversity of life forms, and to make the well-being of nature the focus of all our agricultural and viticultural choices.

In our estates, the excitement of discovery is renewed with every sunrise, and the look at the land matures with the years through study, experience and, above all, love.

Casadei Family is all of this: a mark of ethical guarantee applied to the cultivation and production, in all the companies of the group. It is from these basic principles that high-quality Tuscan, Sardinian, and international wines, as well as unique food and cosmetic products, are produced.

Stefano Casadei is a child of Tuscan farming culture, boasting an education that led him to apply his idea of agriculture and wine production in Sardinia – in the Sarcidano area, in the hills of Chianti Rufina, and in the Alta Maremma.

Join the Casadei Family, discover our estates, experience our philosophy.

Castello del Trebbio


Tenuta Casadei

Le anfore di Elena Casadei