Casadei Estate is located in Suvereto and is surrounded by the typical landscape of the Alta Maremma, albeit located just a breath away from the sea. This is an international project: international grape varieties and an international partner give rise to wines of excellence that are produced in respect of the earth’s harmony.

The main characters are Stefano Casadei and Fred Cline, two men united by an intense passion: wine. The one Tuscan, son of an agronomist, raised in the countryside and dedicated to organic crops. The other Californian, Sonoma Valley’s wine entrepreneur, among the first to grow French grape varieties in the United States.

During a dinner, Stefano Casadei and Fred Cline recognized in each other the same love for the land and wine, the same quest for quality, the same care for soils, respect for grapes, and knowledge of varieties. Their families also resemble each other. That dinner marked a new beginning: an entrepreneurial journey to be shared in toto by speaking a common idiom, the language of good wine.

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Casadei is an estate-garden to be discovered on foot or by carriage, with the help of a guide or even on your own. To be visited along an educational trail that reveals, stage by stage, all the secrets of this enchanted ecosystem, where silence is interrupted only by the sound of the wind or the neighing of horses.

The environment that welcomes the visitor is rich in biodiversity, and his/her gaze is lost in the fascinating regularity of the wine rows, which, through a farming that is sustainable,organic and biodynamic, are planted with cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petit verdot, viognier, merlot, syrah, muscat, ansonica, and other classic varieties of the Mediterranean area.

ETHICAL WINES in the Alta Maremma

Among Casadei Estate’s rows of vines, the vines are treated with love, and the grapes are harvested and selected strictly by hand to encourage the natural prosperity of the soil and the vitality of the plants. In the low-impact winery, built with natural materials in the earth and rock, the must ferments, matures, vinifies, and ages in amphora, barrique, and cement.

This is how Casadei Estates’s great wines are produced, fruity and opulent thanks to the sunlight of Maremma, savory thanks to the precious minerals of its soils.
Wines like Filare 18, a Tuscan IGT, an aromatic expression of Cabernet Franc, warm and enveloping in the mouth, fresh and long-lived on the palate. Or Filare 41, 100% Petit Verdot, spicy on the nose, powerful and concentrated in the mouth, witnessing the magic of winemaking.

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