“Mira” is an invitation to contemplate and admire the wonder of the landscape that surrounds our vineyards and enjoy the warm, bright Gallura sunshine that makes the neat rows of vines, laden with golden clusters, glow.

The constant caress of the sea breeze, the thriving granitic soils and its fifty-year-old logs make Mira’s terroir unique and extraordinary. Here Vermentino di Gallura finds its ideal home and is cultivated respecting the rhythms of nature and its biodiversity, following the dictates of the BioIntegral philosophy .

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Land of Authentic Traditions and Natural Beauty

Gallura is a jewel nestled in the loving embrace of the Tyrrhenian Sea, where endless multitude of vineyards are juxtaposed with the clear blue sea, white beaches, rolling hills, medieval villages, and cork oak forests.

Here the constant breath of the mistral transports fresh brackish scents into the air and gently caresses the fertile land, which passes down thousand-year old secrets. Indeed, Sardinian winemaking traditions are rooted very deep in the past, all the way back to the Nuragic times.

Completing the picture of this beautiful corner of paradise is the renowned authentic and genuine hospitality of the Gallura people and the charm of the rich Sardinian culture.

The authentic soul of Sardinia in a wine glass 

No native Sardinian grape variety embodies the soul of this beautiful corner of paradise like Vermentino di Gallura.

In these lands, Vermentino expresses itself in all its splendor, giving birth to a straw-yellow nectar of extraordinary quality, capable of giving a sensory journey in its extraordinary minerality, freshness, and savoriness.

The passion and absolute respect we bring to nature are reflected in our ancient Vermentino vines, 40 to 50 years old, which in return give the unmistakable symphony of scents and aromas of Mira’s Vermentino.

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