In Sarcidano, Sardinia, the Casadei Family project is called Olianas Estate: 32 hectares, cultivated according to biodynamic practices, where authentically Sardinian wines are produced.

We are in the heart of Sardinia with an agricultural, viticultural, and pastoral vocation. Here Stefano Casadei, together with the Olianas family of Gergei, has brought to life the dream of practicing an ethical agriculture that respects the rhythms of nature and biodiversity. Through the Biointegral philosophy, the soils of Olianas are cultivated using the Biointegral method, and from native vine varieties are produced excellent wines, capable of enhancing the pleasantness of this terroir.

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olianas estate: wines that speak sardinian

Amidst the colorful hues of the plateaus, the wheat fields and the cork oak forests located in the north of Cagliari and east of Oristano, there is an ancient land, cradle of vine cultivation on Sardinian soil, that represents the outpost of biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

It is a land where unspoiled nature has always left room for vineyards, true ampelographic gardens with native varieties are dominating the scene, and there are many winemakers who have always worked among the rows.

Here in Gergei, at the beginning of the millennium, Stefano Casadei and the Olianas Family have started a new wine project. Uniting them is a shared philosophy of producing quality wines based on respect for the environment, nature, animals, and the people who have always lived there

Terroir and Sardinia’s soul

Sardinia is a magical region for grapes, oil, and all the fruits of the earth.
The native grape varieties of Olianas Estate have a unique connection to this territory.

In fact, here they have been cultivated using traditional methods for centuries, producing unique aromas identifiable precisely in these specific climatic conditions. The process of transforming these grapes is something that goes beyond the concept of winemaking, taking on cultural significance.

A native grape variety is one that is grown in the same territory from which it historically originated and, in this sense, reflects its characteristics. Among the rows of Cannonau, Vermentino, Tintillu, Nasco, Bovale, and Carignano, the stories of Olianas, stories of Sardinia, unfold.

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