Cavallo in vigna

The Philosophy

Born out of a love of nature, the Philosophy of the Casadei Family is expressed in every wing motion, in every gesture made between the rows, in the fields and in the cellars of the group’s wineries.
In the vineyards, everything moves following the incessant rhythm of nature. A flash of energy that begins in spring with the flight of butterflies over the blossoms of ancient fruit trees. With the humming of the bees and the bees, time passes and the vines gain vigor between the rows. With it, the slow creaking of the horse-drawn plow, the toil and the frank look of the farmers. At the height of summer, the dusk of the first leaves accompanies the grapes to ripeness.
So, soon, all that we are is found in the intense expression of Stefano tasting the grapes and feeling them ready for the harvest. A flicker that turns into the scent of must, and slowly takes the form of wine. It ages under the watchful eyes of Elena, who in the hypogean rooms takes care of the amphorae. All this is Casadei Family. Simply this.

The BioIntegral

Returning agriculture to nature by protecting the biodiversity of life forms, and making the well-being of nature the focus of every agricultural and viticultural choice. This is the philosophy of Famiglia Casadei, which places environmental protection at the center of its project. Protecting and enhancing the surrounding ecosystem, fostering the prosperity of the land and the living beings it hosts. These are the essential – indeed existential – prerequisites that determine the company’s agronomic, architectural and energy decisions.

What does BioIntegral mean?

BioIntegral means rediscovering good traditional farming practices, to make the soil stronger. So as to intervene as little as possible on the plant and vine. Integrating human labor with animal labor and eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals. BioIntegral and ethical farming, choices that in practice involve eliminating chemical additives, saving energy, reducing mechanical interventions, replenishing organic matter, and disposing of waste naturally. Earth, water, air and light are primary elements without which no form of life would exist. Elements underlying the BioIntegral philosophy and methodology.

Farfalla con fiori


The companies of the Casadei Group are small oases of biodiversity and culture. Here the land is cultivated with full respect for nature, in the name of a holistic view of work in the vineyard and in the cellar. Olianas, in the heart of the Sarcidano region of Sardinia, Castello del Trebbio in Chianti Rufina, in the province of Florence, and Tenuta Casadei, in Maremma.

Where land, water, air and light meet and merge into a thousand different forms of life. Here soft, important wines are born, wines with a unique character.